Chapter History

Founded in 1980, the Midwest Association of Public Procurement is a local chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP). For over twenty years, MAPP members have dedicated themselves to promoting professionalism and ethical purchasing practices within their entities, which are comprised of cities, villages, townships, boards of education, park districts, colleges and county agencies.

During its history, MAPP has enjoyed a strong working relationship with the Illinois Association of Public Procurement Officials (IAPPO) and share a large number of members between the two organizations. Both groups have worked successfully in the past and look forward to continuing that working relationship in the future.


  • To encourage the free exchange of information and ideas within the public purchasing field.

  • To support the improvement of local and state laws relating to government purchasing.

  • To encourage continuous professional development of our fellow members in the field of public purchasing.

  • To continuously adhere to the code of ethics as established by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

  • To display our professionalism through education, seminars and networking opportunities with our fellow purchasing professionals.

Upcoming Events

Mar 4

Identifying Your Leader Language

Join MAPP members at our Monthly Webinar Series as we learn about the different leadership styles and how you can become a more effective leader.


Mar 19

5 Keys to Maintaining Balance During and After Disruption

Join MAPP members and celebrate procurement month with motivational speaker Janine Stange