About Us

Chapter History

Founded in 1980, the Midwest Association of Public Procurement is a local chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing. For over thirty years, MAPP members have dedicated themselves to promoting professionalism and ethical procurement practices within their entities, which are comprised of cities, villages, townships, boards of education, park districts, colleges and county agencies.

Objective of MAPP

  • To encourage the free exchange of information and ideas within the public procurement field.

  • To support the improvement of local and state laws relating to government procurement.

  • To encourage continuous professional development of our fellow members in the field of public procurement.

  • To continuously adhere to the Code of Ethics as established by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

  • To display our professionalism through education, seminars and networking

    opportunities with our fellow procurement professionals.

Opportunities for Growth

  • Through our relationship with NIGP, MAPP offers the continuing education classes required for certification through the UPPCC. MAPP helps members obtain Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) and Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) certifications by offering classes throughout northern Illinois.

  • One of MAPP’s greatest strengths is the available network of fellow procurement professionals that are always eager to offer advice and information. You will find your membership directory is a gateway to a wealth of public procurement experience!

  • News travels fast when unique bids and technology projects are happening in MAPP communities. MAPP is there to share information and bring you the news.

  • Are you looking to improve your position (career)? Networking with your fellow procurement professionals is a great way to be on the “fast track” to those new opportunities!

  • MAPP always welcomes public entities to attend meetings and seminars as guests.

MAPP Programs Past…Present…Future

Here is a sample of some of the classes that MAPP has offered in the past few years

  • Legal Aspects of Public Procurement

  • Contractual Risk Management

  • Bulletproofing your RFP’s

  • Specification Writing

  • Making the Contract Fit the Purchase

  • Electronic Bid/RFP Solicitation

  • Prevailing Wage Act

  • Records Retention

  • Surplus

  • Contracting for Public Sector Services

  • Certificates of Liability Insurance

What, When and Where???

General meetings are held several times a year at various member agencies.  Meetings may include presentations, guest speakers and general membership news.